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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

“Hi, Facebook friends. Franklin, here. In case you’re new to the page, I’d like to let you know that I joined this super fun rescue just over two months ago. Before I was picked up by my foster mom, I had been thrown away like a piece of garbage, picked up and crated at a place called 'animal control' to wait for someone to claim me. It was very loud and very lonely. I could no longer see, I did not feel good, and I was becoming weaker and weaker.

“Thankfully, the humans at the noisy place were nice. One day, they told me a foster mom was coming for me, and they said they were helping me get to Naked Kisses (naked kisses are my favorite kind of kisses). I was taken out of the noisy dog room and into a room with a lot of people and handed to this new person. I was so happy to meet my new foster mommy, and I wagged my pathetic little tail that had hardly any hair. She smelled really good, like the kindest human a pup could ever meet. I couldn’t see what she looked like, but she smelled pretty, though. She took me away from that scary animal place, walked me in the grass, put me in her car, and we went for a long ride.

"Foster mommy took me to this nice place that she calls 'home.' I felt like I lived in one of those a long, long time ago. I'm pretty sure I was loved at some point, but somehow I got lost and sick and didn't feel very good. My foster mommy told me those days are gone, so I just wagged my tail and give her a little kiss. She likes when I wag my tail.

"Sometimes I go on car rides, and sometimes we go visit this nice lady called a 'veterinarian.' That's a big word, so I just don't say anything at all, and I wag my tail. It smells like medicine there. And do you know what? People used to say I was a cute dog, and they would oooh and aaaah over me. Now these medicine people seemed to be sad about the way I looked. They said I was skinny, and their faces looked a little sad when they looked at me, so I wagged my tail to make them smile.

“It turns out, I have something called diabetes. Foster mom is always after me when I'm tinkling with these little pieces of paper. I think it's a little weird, so I won't try doing it to her when she goes potty. Foster mom also pokes me twice a day for some reason; she apologizes every time and says she has to do it to keep me healthy. It doesn't really hurt, and somehow, since she started doing this, I feel so good and like a puppy.

"Since I became a Naked Kisser, I am so happy. I am no longer hungry, and I've trained my foster mommy to feed me three times a day. I don't feel my bones hurting when I sleep, and I am so strong that I never fall over anymore when I am placed on the ground. I have learned to walk slowly, with my head down. This helps me because sometimes I bump into things, and this way I don’t bump my nose or poke my eyes. I have learned where the furniture and walls are in this home, and most importantly, I learned there is a fresh supply of water. It seems like I am always thirsty.

“I almost forgot to tell you! I even live with two other Chinese Cresteds, a big fluffy dog, and a cat. The big dog is soft and such a nice fellow, but he scares me sometimes because he is dark, and suddenly, there’s a big shadow in front of me. Those other Cresteds can be a little silly sometimes. I would like to learn to play with these dogs, but when I catch up to where I hear them barking, they are already going to another place. I will keep trying. One of those dogs told me she is a Naked Kisses alumna named Lucy (formerly Taffy), but I’m not really sure what an alumna is. She’s nice, and she’s warm to snuggle with for naps, and that is what’s important.

"So foster mommy came to me the other day. She told me that normally foster doggies are only with their foster families for a short time. I knew this already because I heard the humans at the 'animal control' talking about it. I never wanted to bring it up to my foster mommy, because I kept hoping she would forget that I was supposed to be finding a new forever home, and maybe she would let me stay. I really liked it in her 'home.' Anyway, she held me on her lap, which is my most favorite spot in the world, and while brushing my soft hair, she told me I am never going to leave. She said that she is no longer my foster mommy, but my real MOMMY! This was the most amazing news I had ever heard in my whole life, and my little tail wagged so hard, and my mommy gave me a million kisses.

"I heard my mommy talking on the phone to someone she called 'The Board.' They sound really official, and kind of scary, but my mommy assured me that The Board is very nice. They talked about me being a Sanctuary Dog within Naked Kisses. I don't really know what it means, but it's something about asking for sponsorships for things my mommy has to get at the veterinarian office when we go, which is fairly often. I hope that my Facebook friends will help by sponsoring me, and I am really looking forward to being able to send e-mails and photos to those who do. I really love making new friends!

"My mom is the coolest. She knows how much I like to talk, so she has agreed to let me create my own online blog! She will only allow me to be on social media for a few minutes here and there, and only when supervised (I think this is called a helicopter mom?), so I'll be sure and post on Facebook each time a blog post is published on the Naked Kisses website. In the meantime, please visit our Sanctuary Page and see how you can sponsor me:

"Thank you for supporting rescue pups like me!"

- Franklin

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