Original Bio Post for Franklin

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Intake 7/23.

8/21/2019 Update:

Mid-week checkup for Franklin yesterday afternoon. His blood sugar was down from in the 600's, to the 400's, to in the 100's! He is much more active, attentive, asking politely for attention, and just seems all around happier.

He continues to gain weight and still has a ways to go. Our vet says "The only time I want to see these hip bones is on an X-ray!" When foster mama got home from her errands today, she saw Franklin had found his way out the doggy door. While she was bringing groceries into the house, he appeared inside. What a talented seeing-impaired doggie he is!

Original Bio After Intake:

Franklin is approximately 10 years old, 10lbs, and he seems to have been forgotten about for quite some time. No more, Franklin! He’s being pampered by his foster mom and hanging with his new pack. He can’t really see much (if anything) and bumps into things, but he’s learning the new layout quickly. He’s pretty quiet but does join the pack in the fending of his foster home against pesky squirrels outside. He loves being brushed with a soft brush and sitting on his foster mom’s lap. His tiny little tail wags when he hears foster mama’s voice, and he seems really drawn to just being cared about.

Upon visiting our vet, we learned Franklin has diabetes. Franklin’s foster mom has started him on twice daily insulin shots. He has gained weight, and it shows a little on his skinny little self. More importantly, his foster mom can tell he is stronger, particularly his back end. He can still be a bit wobbly, but he does not fall over when set down in the back yard or when his foster siblings come running alongside him. His skin is in much better condition following bathing and soft brushing.

Franklin has trained his foster mom to take him outside about every 1.5 to 2 hours, and he is on a regular poop schedule immediately after breakfast and supper. His crate remains dry after leaving him alone for several hours. With a belly band at night, and a trip or two outside during the night, he remains dry. Our vet feels he will not have to pee as often as his diabetes gets under control.

Franklin is so appreciative of being held and making connection with his foster sibs. He just melts! He is such an incredible little guy and joy to be around.

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