Happy New Year!

It's been a while, I've missed you! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and that Santa Paws brought you some wonderful chewies, toys and maybe even some new clothes.

My haired and naked brothers and sisters and I have enjoyed this time--except for something Mom called New Year's Eve. How wonderful it was going to be when she said she was going to be home with us all evening. She sat on the sofa and spread out the blanket. Some of my siblings wanted to crawl underneath but I preferred staying on top snuggled right next to Mom. Just as my eyes were getting heavy I was startled by a series of loud pop-pop-pops! Then some other loud sounds followed by more, then more. Mom did not seem to be scared so I guess we were doing our job of protecting her, but I did not feel all too brave with those loud noises that continued throughout the night. I am glad we were all together.

Shortly after that night I began to feel really strange. I tried to walk it off, but I kept stumbling and bumping into things. Then I had a difficult time keeping my balance; my back legs would not cooperate with me and I would fall over on my side and not be able to get back up. Fortunately my Mom would be close by and help me up and make sure I was in a comfortable place until I was able to stand back up.

Mom took me to visit my friends at the animal hospital. I was not pleased when they poked me with sharp needles, but I got soooo many ear massages, belly rubs, and those fabulous scratches on my back right in front of my tail--you know what I mean--aren't they the best? But I was just too weak at the time to give them puppy kisses in return.

It is all quite confusing to me, but apparently I had been stable for quite some time with my diabetes, but now things had changed. (More insulin/less insulin, it's all the same to me; I still get stuck with a needle during my breakfast and supper).

I visited the hospital on Friday, then Monday, then on Tuesday I stayed there all day while they did something called a glucose drip. I went back Wednesday morning and my numbers were too high! Seems I just cannot please them. If I could make my numbers better I would, but I do not know how.

Enough of this gloom! Don't you love this weather? I've seen pictures of many of you in your jammies and in sweet sweaters--yes, I've had my eye on some of you cute little girls posing so sweetly in your dresses. And if I may say so, I have seen some dapper young men in their attire. I enjoy looking at your pictures with my Mom, so keep posting!

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