Love Is In The Air

I am not so sure about love, but there are lower temperatures in the morning air that my brother, sister and I am enjoying--but not Linus! Lately Linus runs outside quickly and does what he needs to do and runs back in to snuggle under his blanket. My Mom says that is normal for CC's. Do any of you do that? Lucy does not have very much hair either, but she stays outside longer with me. When she comes in she likes to warm up in Mom's lap. I do not understand why Linus and Lucy stay Nakid or Hairless when I am growing a lovely body of hair. Speaking of Nakid CC's and my hair, I went to my doctor a few weeks ago to get weighed and to see what Doc thinks of my new buff physique. She was very impressed with how much weight I had gained and was glad to hear that my diabetes is stable. I do my part--I eat all the special glycemic food my Mommy puts in front of me! I would prefer not to have to get insulin injections twice a day, but if that is what it takes for me to feel as good as I feel, then so be it.

But do you know what else the Doc said? She said I was not a CC, but a Yorkie! Do I look like a Yorkie to you? Mom was dumbfounded. When I began this chapter of my life in August, nobody doubted I was a hairless CC. Now I am wondering if I need to ask my Mom to groom me. What do you think?

Apparently we are in what is called 'The Holiday Time of Year' causing humans to do some really silly things. Last week Mom dressed Linus up Like Superman, then like somebody called "Yoda." Lucy was dressed up like a Pumpkin--and they went out in public like that! I was very concerned until I was looking on the computer and saw that some of you were dressed up in costumes too.

Later this month comes something called Thanksgiving. I know what I am thankful for this year, but I hope I do not have to dress up like a Pilgrim or a Turkey!

Naked Kisses to you all,


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