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Our Resident Dogs

Our home consists of seven of our own companion dogs and a Sphynx cat.  Sometimes rescue dogs have not lived indoors or with a family, and things like the TV or a door slamming can be new and scary.  Our pack assists with incoming rescue dogs, showing them the ropes and teaching them things like a leash means fun adventures and crinkling plastic

means a delicious sliver of cheese might be coming their way.  

About Our Rescue

Naked Kisses Dog Rescue, sometimes known as NaKiD Rescue, is a non profit, breed specific 501(c)3 dog rescue, based in Florida, spanning upward to Virginia. We operate solely on grants, donations from our compassionate supporters, and from fundraising.  Our main focus and mission is rescuing Chinese Cresteds and other hairless dogs in need.


With over 13 years of rescue and foster experience, we fell in love with the Chinese Crested breed along the way.  This sensitive breed captured our hearts with their beautiful and silly personalities.  They're incredibly loyal and make wonderful companions to their humans.  They are often happy to go anywhere their humans want to go, or to curl up in bed and have a Netflix marathon.  In our eyes, a person couldn't ask for anything more from their beloved canine companion.


While in our foster care, all dogs receive comprehensive medical and behavioral attention so they are ready to find their perfectly matched forever homes. We are entirely dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of this amazing breed, while educating others on responsible pet care and ownership. We also take in other hairless breeds/mixes, and occasionally other small dogs in need of rescue.

Our Team
NaKiD 501(c)(3)
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