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There are SO Many Ways You Can Help in our Rescue!

Supporters who can’t volunteer regularly can contribute by hosting simple fundraisers on our behalf. 


If you have an idea, please email details and any invitations/promotional materials you would like to use to so we can approve and offer advice, and we’ll get started! We'd be happy to promote your event on our social media channels. Check out the examples on the right from to get your creative ideas flowing.

Fundraising Ideas

Yappy Hour 
An awesome bar/restaurant donates $2 per dish or drink ordered.

Woof Walk
Bring your dog for a group stroll to raise awareness about rescue! Each participant makes a $10 donation.

Donate Your Birthday
Ask guests to bring or make a donation (money or material) for our rescues in place of gifts.

Donate Your Gotcha Day
Host a Gotcha Day party or birthday party for your own cat or dog and ask guests to bring or make a donation (money or material) for our rescues in place of gifts.

Host a Donation Drive
Collect material or money donations for our rescue. Set up a box or envelope in your office, community center, gym, etc. 


Other ideas:
Tea party, picnic, run for rescue, ride for rescue (bikes!), dinner party, movie night… 

More easy ways to help by doing things you probably
already do but never thought of:

Our pups and foster moms love Kurandas! They're orthopedic and so easy to keep clean. They also have an amazing chew proof warranty. We partner with Kuranda, and receive a commission from purchases with our partner link. Click here!

Chinese Crested Rescue Florida

While shopping on eBay you can now donate proceeds to Naked Kisses Dog Rescue. Favorite us on eBay for Charity to start supporting our cause.  Next time you buy from eBay, consider rounding your purchase up in eBay Checkout to support our cause.  Every little bit counts.

Chinese Crested Rescue Florida

100% of your donation is given to our charity, and no fees are deducted. Any  monetary donations made to Naked Kisses Dog Rescue may be tax deductible - check with your tax preparer.

Chinese Crested Rescue Florida

Are you good at research and writing? Consider volunteering as a grant writer, helping to look for various grants online, composing grant proposals, and tracking correspondence.  

Chinese Crested Rescue Florida

Your everyday online shopping can now benefit our rescue. You shop, a portion of each purchase is donated to our charity, and it's free for you.

"What about my kids? They like to help animals in need too." 

We love when children are eager to learn and pitch in to help with rescue. This is the beginning of teaching them life long skills involving compassion and teamwork. There are many ways that children can help rescue in a big way!

Kid Friendly Ideas

Chinese Crested Rescue Florida

1. Host a donation drive. This is when your child sets up a collection box in his/her school, a local community center, your office, etc., and collects donations to help current and future rescue dogs in need. Just about all dogs coming into our rescue need to be evaluated by our vet, be it a checkup and heartworm test, or it could be dentals and/or surgery (spay, neuter, injuries, etc.). Whatever it is, we not only have to cover medical expenses but also regular daily living with food, medicines, heartworm prevention, etc.

2. Host a FUNdraiser! Children can set up lemonade stands and bake sales to raise money for our rescue. Your child might think out of the box and come up with his/her own event, like an iced coffee stand, a video game competition, a scavenger hunt… the possibilities are endless! 

3. Earn some allowance... and choose to sponsor one of our current rescues or donate it to the rescue as a whole! Your kid can set a goal — let’s say $20 — and work with you to do some odd jobs around the house. Once he or she has raised the donation goal, email us to set up a time to bring it to us in person so that we can be ready with a  thank you. If you don’t live close enough to visit, your child can send in his donation with a note, which we’ll post on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

4. Go door to door. Have your child design fliers to carry along. (Please email us for our approval before you start handing it out.)  Contact us ahead of time so we can send you a donation form to print up, then take a stroll around your apartment building or neighborhood knocking on doors, explaining the cause you're supporting, and asking for donations. Be sure you're accompanying your child for safety, and this also makes for great bonding time.  Once you're done collecting, let us know so we can coordinate a time for you to drop it off so we can have a thank you prepared.

Would you like to apply to foster a NaKiD dog? Fill out our foster application, and a member of our rescue will contact you during processing. 

Foster App
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