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Thinking of Adopting? First, Read our Process:

If you are currently working with another rescue, we ask that you complete the process with that rescue before applying with us. If you are interested in one of our available dogs, the first step you need to take is completing an adoption application.  We strive to ensure the best suited home for each of our rescue dogs so there is a lifetime of love for the dog and the adopter.  Completion of an application does not guarantee you will be the adopter of any dog.  Since all of our dogs are in foster homes, we set up meet and greets only once

there is an approved application on file.* 

We do not adopt to homes who use invisible fencing.


While we would love to assist with transporting a dog to you, we do not often have the ability to do so.  Adopters are responsible for arranging their own transport, to be approved by the rescue prior to adoption. Before applying for one of our rescue dogs, please know how you plan to pick up your new dog. 

We do adopt out of state. 

Here is how the process goes:

Step 1:  Due to the number of volunteer hours required to review, correspond and process applications, we ask that you consider a $5 minimum application donation. This fee also helps us cover the costs we incur for having our process available electronically. This donation may be made with the application button below. Once you have made your donation, please make sure to wait on the PayPal page to be redirected to the adoption application form.  If you choose not to make a donation for our volunteers to process your application, please click here for no donation.  

Step 2:  All veterinary and personal references will be contacted by our adoptions team.  Your vet reference(s) will need to confirm that any current pets you own are spayed/neutered, current on annual heartworm testing, heartworm prevention and up to date on state required vaccines.  All mandatory medical requirements MUST be current the day the application is submitted.  If our volunteer feels any major concerns after speaking with your references, the application process ends here.

Step 3:  One of our volunteers will conduct an applicant interview. After this, if the Board feels this could be a great match, home visit or video walk through request is done.  This allows us the opportunity to get to know you, your lifestyle, home environment, and to determine if your family is the best fit.  All members of your household must be present for the home visit/video walk through.  If our volunteer has any major concerns after your home visit/video walkthrough, or if you refuse this part of the process, the application process ends here.

Step 4:  Once your application has been approved, we will coordinate a time for you to meet the dog you are interested in adopting.  This could occur at your home or the foster's home.  If after meeting, the foster parent does not feel you are the best fit for the dog, your application will be deferred.

Step 5:  When you reach this stage, you will be required to sign an adoption contract and provide payment of the adoption fee for the dog.  If you would like to review a copy of our contract prior to adoption, click here.  We require the adoption agreement AND fee be returned to the rescue within 24 hours from the time the official approval email is sent from the rescue.  This is to guarantee your adoption is secure.  If we do not receive both the agreement and the fee within this time, we will continue processing other applications and considering other applicants for the dog.

If we have found you the right match, please be prepared to take your new dog home.  When submitting your adoption application you must be willing and able to take the dog home immediately.  Please make sure you do not have any financial commitments, upcoming long term travel plans or lifestyle changes that may affect your ability to do so. If now is not the right time, please wait to apply when you are ready.

Available Dogs

Click here to view our available foster dogs and to read more

about them.

Adoption Application

If you would like to make a donation toward your application processing, click below. If not, please click the photo of the fluffy, white dog below.

Residents of NaKiD

Here you can see our resident pups and kits. They are instrumental in helping new fosters learn the ropes.


"Application donations help rescue pups like me, Antony. I will live in sanctuary care for the rest of my time, and that would not be possible without the generosity of our Naked Lovers." If you'd like to complete an application and skip the donation, please click my photo."

More Fun Reading...

Unless determined otherwise by our Board of Directors, our policy is to conduct a minimum two-week evaluation period in our foster home before adopting a dog to a new home. We will begin processing applications as they come in; however, please be aware that no decision will be made until this minimum evaluation period has been completed.


Some of our dogs receive multiple applications. They are not adopted by first-come, first-serve, but by who we believe will be the absolute best match for each one's needs and personality. If you are not chosen as the dog's new home, it does not mean you do not offer a good home to a new dog, it only means we felt another home was a more suitable fit. 

*As of 6-5-2020, Naked Kisses Dog Rescue will be the primary contact on all microchips, and the adopter will be secondary. *

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