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Perfect for the dog that you love! Cozy for lounging around the house or when the weather outside has started to chill.  


Cotton/lycra knit fabric is a nice weight like a t-shirt, but with a little more stretch and give. We love the high quality of this fabric, which gives good light weight indoor/winter coverage while being durable for your active dog!


Many commercial dog clothing items vary greatly in sizing. Ours is consistent once you find the size that works, but please measure your dog to ensure proper fit . Choose from the following size options:


  • EX SMALL | length 10-11” (collar to base of tail)
    * chest 15-16” (measure around largest part)

  • SMALL | length 12-13” (collar to base of tail)
    * chest 17-18” (measure around largest part)

  • MEDIUM | length 14-15” (collar to base of tail)
    * chest 19-20” (measure around largest part)

  • LARGE | length 16-17” (collar to base of tail)
    * chest 21-22” (measure around largest part)


Happy Hearts Knit Dog PJ's

  • Shipping for Continental USA is included in the price of the item. If you are outside the US, we will calculate that based on your location.

    When your order is received, we'll give you an estimated shipping date based on how many orders are ahead of you.

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